Removed Patreon Tiers


I feel that I am not giving value for money to the higher tiers of supporters. Titles that cannot be sold are getting harder to get into print. DriveThruRPG are getting stricter about what I can put through their Print on Demand, Lulu has increased their minimum page count, which makes it harder to get smaller supplements into print, and impossible for cards and GM screens.

All in all the benefits of the highest tier are proving impossible to provide far too often.

The Digital tier was supposed to offer early access, but I often work hand to mouth. I have not quite finished creating the cover for today’s book [Pulp Cthulhu] so early access is going to mean about 5hrs at most. That is not what early access is supposed to mean.

The only tier that is doing what it is supposed to is the $3/£2.50 tier.

What I would like to do is move everyone from the higher price tiers down to the $3 tier, but I will still offer print files, when I am able, and I will still put things up for patrons as soon as I can.

The net effect should be that you will still get everything you that you had before, but for just $3 a month. I on the other hand, get less monthly income, but a lot less worry about not providing a good service. For me, the reduced stress is worth it.

I cannot edit your tiers, you will need to go into your account and reduce your tier to $3/£2.50.

Over the next week or so, I will go back over published pages and make sure that they are visible to all tiers. This means that you will not lose access to things that you already have.

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