I know Pathfinder is not on any list of rules I have been asked for or in progress, but…

I bought Pathfinder 2e and Starfinder this year, and I did want to play them.

From a business point of view as an indie publisher my mailing list is the absolute core of the business. Most of my mailing list subscribers come from my YouTube channel. There is a lot of talk these days about social media marketing, but it is actually pretty useless for marketing. Social media is good for customer service, but not for marketing.

The danger with social media is that you can invest a huge amount of effort in building a following just to have it taken away without notice. For a while MySpace was the holy grail of social media, but who goes there now? Twitter or Facebook could disappear or get broken up at anytime. On these platforms you do not own your audience, but with a mailing list it is yours to take where ever you want to go.

I know that there is a flow from YouTube to my website and from my website to the mailing list. Therefore it makes a lot of sense to create more YouTube content.

I tend to do most of my solo playing on my laptop, so it is pretty easy to record solo sessions. My problem with solo actual plays are threefold. The first is that they tend to be really long videos and I don’t have the time to devote three hours to watching an actual play. Secondly, when normal people play they do not have an editorial team to edit their games to make them look good. What we end up watching is not how the game really played out. Finally, I would rather play than watch other people play.

So, it looks like I can tick many boxes at once. I can learn Pathfinder, record the games, and use them as YouTube content, and use that to drive my business growth, and by keeping the videos short, and warts and all, I can make them bite-sized, so people can watch as much or as little as they like in a sitting. 

I may play for an hour or more, but each video will ideally be 3-5 minutes.

I have made 3 videos so far. No actual playing has happened yet. These just cover some of my preparation for the game. Mainly dealing with learning the rules how the Pathfinder Fantasy Grounds ruleset works. 

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