Hostile – Zozer Games

Another set of solo rules that were requested was Hostile by Zozer games. I have spent all of today reading it.

I started with the rules, and that is pure Cepheus System, there are no noticeable changes and certainly none that would stop my existing Cepheus solo rules from working. So, I switched my attention to the setting book.

This is a generic Alien/Corporate/Dystopian near-future setting. I have yet to find anything new or original in it.

I have started to make some d6 tables, which I would like to expand into d66 tables.

As standalone tables, they would be additional oracles for the Alien solo rules I have already put out, but they may well find their way into a future Death In Space solo set, which I have my eye on.

I was worried Death In Space would prove to be just Mork Borg sci-fi, but apparently, it is better than that.

I will nibble away at Hostile and see what I come up with.

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