Ghost Master [Ghostbusters International]

I honestly cannot remember who originally asked for these solo rules, but they are now done!

In the Patreon folder, is a new Ghostbusters International folder, and in there is a Ghost Master PDF.

There is no explicit yes-no oracle. It uses fortunately/unfortunately as its binary choice. The strength of the answer is controlled by one of the core mechanics of Ghostbusters, known as the UHM system [Universal How Much] with is basically a scale that goes in steps of 4, starting at 0-3 then 4-8 etc. If you rolled 4 or more over the target number then you would get a stronger fortunately result, and then another step up at 8 over, and so on. 

The same works in reverse for negative results, 4 under, 8 under etc.

The pool of words I used for the muse tables came from the movie scripts. I found the scripts in an online archive and ripped them apart.

I am 99% certain that I have not violated anyone’s IP with these rules. So I will release them next week.

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