Early Access Coriolis Solo Rules [Zenith Solo]

In the early access folder, you will find a subfolder for Coriolis Solo. This is going to be my product release for Monday. 

Coriolis is another Year Zero Engine game but doesn’t have the boons and banes of Forbidden Lands or the Stress dice of Alien.

I have re-used the basic Mutant Year Zero yes-no oracle, and repurposed the word list oracles that I created for Alien, but themed from the Coriolis Core Rules.

This repurposing is a two-way street and although the Coriolis solo rules are a bit simpler than the Alien rules are going to be, writing them up did give me a good idea or two to incorporate into the text of the Alien solo book.

You get this book today, it will be released tomorrow evening in the Free League Workshop.

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