Dredd the end of the week

I have spent the end of this week mucking about with Judge Dredd. What I want to create is a few pages of addendum for my WOIN rules for each of the 2000AD game (Judge Dredd, Rogue Trooper and Strontium Dog).

There is an excellent crime generator at the back of the rules. D66 and roll for Perp, Crime in Progress and Location.

I am creating some supplemental tables for more flavour. 

I have found that the WOIN rules work well for Judge Dredd, WOIN is generic sci-fi, the Dredd rules give the setting and the bestiary adds a lot of stock judges, perps and citizens to populate your Mega City One.

Here are some samples.

1-2 Grud   
3-4 Dok   
5 Drokk   
6 Spug Off        

1 Ramshackle   
2 Deserted   
3 Ruined   
4 Derelict   
5 Underground   
6 Upmarket        

Judge Location   
1 Holding Post   
2 H Wagon   
3 I-Block   
4 Meat Wagon   
5 Pat Wagon   
6 Sector House

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