Conan Update

If you check in your patreon folder, in the Conan subfolder you will now find two PDFs. 

CiaAoA Portrait Screen Home Print contains the four panels for the portrait screen.

These are al d6 or Combat Die tables. Where there is any kind of hierarchy of results, I have followed the good, better, bad, bad, good with complications format.

These are usable ‘as is’. What you would normally see as an open question muse is handled with two d6 tables called Change and Influence. Roll on both and combine the results.

I now need to layout the landscape panels. Export the print at home and the cards for printing.

I then need to order the print proofs.

I hope to get all this uploaded to DTRPG this weekend, and then get the print proofs ordered. It takes an age for print proofs to get to me from the US, and there is only one print facility for DTRPG card stock.

You will get the digital files as soon as they are ready.

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