And up next… Pulp Cthulhu

I have spent this week reading and making notes on Pulp Cthulhu. This was one of the titles requested in the last round ‘what do I do next”. 

So far,  I think I prefer Pulp Cthulhu more than straight up Call of Cthulhu. CoC can go through a lot of investigators even when you have an entire team to back you up. The more robust pulp heroes have at least some chance to defy death.

Pulp Cthulhu also have easier sanity recovery options. In CoC, if you sanity was low, your chances of recovering from an indefinite insanity was very low. Pulp-C suggests either giving a bonus die to relief indefinite insanities between adventures, or just to wipe them out.

Taken as a whole, Pulp-C uses a lot more bonus dice than straight up CoC. This immediately suggests that the basic oracle is going to be d100 with bonus die for likely and penalty die for unlikely results.

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