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In the Patreon print versions folder are three files. There are the two files for Lulu, and a separate OBS cover file.

If you go into Lulu, set this title up to Print your book (not publish). Use the interior file and the lulu cover file.

I set it up for premium color, 80# paper, saddle stitch, glossy cover.

Your print cost will be whatever £4.54 works out to in your local currency.


I cannot put this one on Amazon because they insist on setting the title live before you can order author copies, and that will violate copyright law.


I have uploaded the files to DriveThruRPG as a private product, not for public sale. DriveThru have a premedia checking process and I do not know if that involves a human If it does, they may reject the file for copyright reasons. If they don’t, and it would not surprise me if they only manually check files that fail an automated check, then I will give you a discount code for at-cost printing at DriveThruRPG. 

I just need to wait for pre-media and order the proof copy before I can set up the discount code.

Print Shop

If you would like to print the book at a local print shop I have given you both formats of cover. The OBS cover has printers trim marks and bleeds, the lulu files do not. Just give your printer all three files and let them use what they need.

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  1. Excuse me but i signed up for ppm games newsletter and the promised alien rpg solo play booklet is nowhere to be seen. Not in my email and just ads.
    cant find it in store.
    The facebook ad said free alien rpg solo.
    Also there is no working contact form on your site.


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