Alien 1.5 Print

I think I put this in a previous update.

I can set this title up for print, but only on DTRPG, where the product will be private and you could only buy it through a link I share; Lulu, where you set the title up as a personal project and you print a copy for yourself and by just providing you with print ready files to take to a local print shop.

What I cannot do is put the rules on my own store, or on Amazon. Both sites requite the files to be made public, and I am likely to get slapped with a Cease and Desist, or worse.

DTRPG will be the easiest option.

It is very little work for me to do any or all options.

6 thoughts on “Alien 1.5 Print”

  1. Hi! Excited to try this, but I haven’t received a link since joining the mailing list. Have I missed something? TIA

    • Hi,
      I have emailed the link directly to you.

      I suspect what sent wrong is that the rules go out to people joining my mail/contact list, and I think you registered with the blog. I get maybe one person a month say that they signed up and didn’t get the rules email, and this is all I can think of as the reasoning.



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