Alien 1.4

You should all have access to the work in progress folder, and you should also have the  Alien RPG 1.4 PDF.

The main changes are the addition of an Events and Subject column to the last table, and a few paragraphs of explanatory text relating to campaign play.

I cannot remember if Randomorths were part of 1.2 or part of the very short lived 1.3. Randomorths are all built about xenomorph attacks. You make roll a handful of d66 rolls and  each result is a form of attack. It could be bites, claws, tails, stingers and so on.

Once you know its modes of attack, you will have an idea of its body shape/configuration.

If you have not seen your xenomorph out in the open, you could just roll one attack, and see what happens the first time you make contact. If you roll a tail attack, you could literally be whipped by its tail, and have no idea of what is on the other end of it. If you roll a bite, the only thing you saw was the jaws lunging out at you from the dark.

This is intended to be a horror game.

All the new content needs  playtesting.

I will not fiddle with this again until after the weekend.

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