Designer Diary: Staying Focused #2 [Video]

I made the first ‘Staying Focused’ post on March 11th, when I noticed that all my numbers were static or falling off.

Since then I took my own advice, and the change has, while not dramatic, definitely been obvious. My YT subscribers are at the highest they have been, my mailing list is gaining subscribers faster, my Patreon is gaining supporters and the actual cash value of my sales each week is going up.

In addition, I have found that going back to what I am known for means that each booklet takes less time to write, and is more fun. I get to work less and play more.

That new ‘free time’ can then be put into doing anything from vanity projects or side projects that can build your publishing business in different directions. The difference is that keeping the core strong, enables those side projects to happen. Switching your attention to those side projects at the expense of your core could make long-term sense if you have to break out of your niche.

I am under no pressure, and my side projects were mainly for my own interest. In this case it was a bad move, but as I have seen, completely recoverable.

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