Designer Diary: Micro Kickstarters [Video]

Incidentally, this is the first video I have edited using Descript. I quite liked the general process, but the video output seems poor quality. I will need to look into exporting in the right format. If you noticed anything for good or bad, please let me know in the comments.

So, micro kickstarters. I can see definitely the benefits.

  • It creates a level of independence from DTRPG
  • It helps build an independent fan base from your followers/supporters
  • Kickstarter fees are substantially less than DTRPG fees, therefore you earn more per sale.

Post Kickstarter you can still list the title on DTRPG and use that for ongoing sales. The same is true for putting it on Amazon, Itch, Open Games Store, and others.

What the micro Kickstarter brings is a decreased risk of failure. At $100 you only need twenty $5 supporters to hit your goal.

I caught myself looking at my stock art collection and noting the most exceptional, and least used pieces. These are the ones that I would most want to incorporate into that first Kickstarter page. Make it look attractive, to the point where people are prepared to pledge $5 or more.

I am definitely coming around to this idea.

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