Designer Diary: Product Pages (again!)

The more expensive your products, the more questions or concerns people will have before they hand over their money, or their credit card details. How can you address this? By having really informative product pages. Answer every question before they arise and you can alay people’s fears.

Pack your product pages with as much information about your product, what it contains, what the content covers, or the highlights and features.

I am a great fan of including screenshots. A picture is worth a thousand words, so include as many images as you can.

Do Not host your images on imgur.com! Firstly, it violates imgurs terms of service, but there is also a throttle on the bandwidth between DTRPG and imgur. You may be able to see your images on the product page, but your customers almost certainly won’t. All they will see is broken image placeholders.

From my research, lists seem to be the go to format. I think they are quick and easy to skim down if you are looking to see of a book will solve your problem. A long list also looks more authoritative.

If you don’t know what to write on your product pages, make a list of everything in the book!

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