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I know that there are some people out there who can ask a few questions, get a few answers and then play through an entire scene in a single flow. I cannot do that. I know that Tana Pidgeon, creator or Mythic, plays like this. I also suspect that I struggle with Mythic for exactly that reason. For me it is too much heavy lifting for every single question.

If you take a look at this recent post ModernAGE Solo AP 4 – Solo Roleplaying & Game Mastery ( You can clearly see my natural turn-taking process.

Every time I ask a question, I go into GM mode. If I use a skill that requires resolution, I go into GM mode. IT really boils down to every time I interact with a rule, solo or game system, it is the GM’s job to adjudicate the rules, so I put the GM hat on.

As soon as I have the answer to the skill test or question, I go back into PC mode and play out my reaction to the new situation or information.

I often say that players with experience of GMing have an easier time with solo play than those without GM experience.

GMs have to be able to improvise because a group of players could do anything at any time, and have little respect to anything you may have prepped in advance. That improvisation is key to being a good GM and also for solo play.

I suspect that it could be that I am so ingrained into playing through turn-taking, that I cannot actually conceive how else you would do it!

If you have any non-turn taking methods I should try, drop a comment below!

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