Modern AGE Session Zero

Rather than rescuing Kellan from his fatal encounter with the serpent folk, I am going to take a look at Modern AGE.

Besides the obvious genre difference, the two biggest differences seem to be that Modern Age has three levels of simulation, Gritty (dangerous), Pulp (more survivable), and Cinematic (Hollywood action hero). The second difference is that Fantasy AGE has just 3 classes in the basic rule book, Modern AGE does not use classes. In the place of classes you choose from a wide range of professions at creation. When you level up you are not locked into a fixed progression.

In a solo game, the world, the adventure, and your character are all in sync. There is absolutely no point in creating an academic character and then throwing them into a special forces raid on a besieged north sea oil rig unless that is what you wanted.

My Character is Pàrlan MacLeòir, an Irish academic in the field of the Theological Occultism. He has no combat skills. I want to do something occult that doesn’t revolve around H.P. Lovecraft. Instead, this adventure is going to be focusing on Club Thine Ifreann, or the Hellfire Club.

I have chosen the Cinematic style. What I am looking for is something akin to Indiana Jones set in Dublin. Just a hint that magic is real, without having to fight and kill my way through adventures.

My homework, or game prep, is to read Wikipedia on the Hellfire Club, and Montpelier Hill.

I have never been to Ireland, and I know very little about it. I will apologize in advance if my imaginary Ireland is an embarrassment. My only connection with Ireland at all is that my grandfather was a cooper over there before World War II, a tenuous link a best.

Here is my hero so far.

I will do a bit of research/background reading over the next few days and look to start playing possibly on the 1st of Jan.

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