Designer Diary, Getting those Facebook Shares to work

I made pretty much the same video last year, or possibly earlier this year as it all starts to blur into one…

The point is that the reason chare counts are even a thing is because of something called “Social Proof”. We are really little more than herd animals as some level. If we see lots of other people have shared something, we will share it too. Sharing is obviously something your herd is doing, so we should share it to confirm our place in the herd. We want to belong.

The flip of that is when you see zero shares. Then your herd is not sharing this thing, so you shouldn’t either.

If you can get rid of that zero on your page, you will start to get more organic shares of your title’s page. The more shares, the more chance of people seeing your titles on facebook, and so more sales.

And this takes virtually zero effort.

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