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Last week Zachary asked me to recommend a one-shot to solo play. My initial reaction was to suggest that modules are not the easiest thing to start playing when you are fairly new to solo. But, with a bit of time to contemplate, I have come up with a suggestion.

Trouble in Wealdham by TM van Dalen is my recommendation.

The logic behind my choice is this.

  1. The adventure is small enough to actually be a one-shot.
  2. The writer has give you an Adventure Flow diagramme, and that helps you get back on track if you go off at a tangent.
  3. The encounters are all scaled for the weakest of parties to tougher groups. Your solo character, and maybe a sidekick, are certain to be the weakest of parties.
  4. The adventure is both a PDF and a VTT module (for fantasy grounds). Using a VTT does a lot of the heavy lifting for you. This module is very well executed with everything you need linked at all the right places.
  5. The writer is cool with Theatre of the Mind encounters. These are the easiest to solo play.
  6. Lots of boxed text, and player assets. Having good quality information and inspiration coming at you from the module helps you stay in the game. When you are new to solo, the less you have to simple ‘make stuff up’ the better.

The adventure is PWYW as a PDF but I recommend VTT+PDF, but only if you have Fantasy Grounds. https://www.dmsguild.com/product/369190/Trouble-in-Wealdham-Fantasy-Grounds?affiliate_id=730903

Incidentally, I have played a few modules as fantasy grounds conversions. Some are a bit lazy, but this is one of the best I have seen.

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