One-Shot Adventures

The reason I included this as solo advice, is because a one-shot adventure is the swiss army knife of solo play.

  • Starting a one-shot adventure is a lot less daunting than starting a campaign.
  • They are structured to have a start, middle and end; that is really helpful in getting a game started.
  • You can springboard from a one-shot into a longer campaign if you want to.
  • You can try different things out without ruining a new campaign, such as trying to run an entire party solo, or figuring out how to scale encounters for a lone hero.
  • You can play back to back one-shots in an episodic campaign, without worrying about how you got from the end of one to the entry of another.
  • If you are learning a new game they often bundle a one shot adventure with a quickstart set of rules, for free.
  • Published one-shots often spotlight the best features of a game system or setting. They become showcase events.

You can see that I can make a good case for the one-shot adventure and at any time you can decide that you want to launch this into a grand campaign. You lose nothing by starting this way.

I own possibly a thousand RPGs. I can happily play a one-shot adventure in a dozen hours, and then hop to a different game, genre or style. I would have to live to about 150 years old to play them all, but I want to play a goodly number of the games I own.

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