Pathfinder Solo Actual Play Session 5

In today’s game, I was aiming to wrap up The Night Blade and migrate to a more freeform and sandbox-style play.

I am not wonderfully enamored with VTT, but I appreciate that it automates so many of the talents, traits, and abilities. I find myself lured into Move & Fight, Move & Fight.

What you will see in the progression today is the game being lead by my actions and choices, and the oracle answer that they create. I already have two curiosities to look into. What happened to the temple, and who is the monk. Secondly, what is behind the corruption of the farms.

I think I am going to investigate the farms first!

It is in 5.03 that the oracle starts to kick in. What was a town with a total description of a single word, the name Whitesparrow, starts to become more interesting.

It is striking that as soon as I stop playing with the VTT, I start interacting with the NPCs a lot more, and they start to develop a bit more personality.

And now we have a plot to investigate! Before next session, I need to work out how I am going to do this game mechanically. Are the corrupted plants directly dangerous, like the shambling mound, or are they just toxic? Is it a magical effect on the land or something under the land?

Most of this I will resolve through play in the session, but I need to see if there are suitable plants in the bestiary or spells in the core rules to make this doable.

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