Solo Tips & Advice #5 Play a Game You Know

This tip mostly applies to those people new to solo. I love using solo to try out new systems. If you are new to solo, that could sound really appealing, but when you are new you could have a lot on your plate just coping with how to solo play. Not all oracles are straightforward, some ask a lot of you in terms of interpretation, and you can have ideas like threads or story arcs to cope with. Then you have to flip between GM and Player roles.

If you have a game you know ‘well enough’, that gives you a rock to hang your solo play on. Something you can do without having to constantly dive into the rules to check how this or that works.

That frees up some mental capacity to cope with learning what you like and don’t like about solo playing. Each solo tool has strengths and weaknesses, and some soloists like to bring in random tables from a myriad of different sources, and it can all explode in a mass of things to learn.

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