Don’t Ask Too Many Questions? Really??

The stock advice of not asking too many questions made me think about how we play as groups. Your GM may say there is a desk in the corner, possibly with a very brief description, old, ornate, elegant, or whatever. If you ask a question about the desk, such as “Is it tidy?” your GM will give you more detail.

So why are we told not to ask these sort of questions in our solo games?

If that desk is tidy it may suggest an ordered mind, maybe intolerant of anything untidy, sloppy or imprecise. A desk buried in papers and open books may suggest a more scatter brained or erratic owner. A simple question about a desk has implications about an NPC you may never have met.

I noticed what I was doing when I started to video myself solo playing. It seemed like I was rolling the dice every two minutes of all kinds of little details. What it did for me was to let me paint in details that I had not thought of at the top of the scene.

Did it slow down the game?

No, I don’t think it did. I am not worried about working out the exact odds of a tidy desk vs a messy desk. It was a pretty binary choice, unless the dice throw up a complication or plot twist.

The advice that comes from this is find your own happy place and that will be unique to you.

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