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This past week I have been playing around with Modiphius’s Star Trek Adventures. I am familiar with the 2d20 system having played Conan John Carter Warlord of Mars. Star Trek is not a setting/genre I have played since the mid 80s. We played two or three sessions of a mission back then and then the campaign fell to bits.

This week has been a bit more successful. I have been on a cool mission getting caught up in interplanetary politics and posturing. It turned out that their was one of those godlike super intelligences at play that had fallen in love with five citizens of the planet and everything was being manipulated to bring about their ‘sacrifice’. The five citizens appeared to be picked at random, but collectively the meant something special to the intelligence.

The solution was to jury rig the matter transporters to create duplicates so at the moment of sacrifice the citizens reappeared exactly where they had been before, but the intelligence also got what it wanted. Just another day on the edge of the galaxy.

Over the course of this solo game I started with a single look up table to help me set interesting and varied challenges and a simple 2d20 oracle. By the end of the adventure I had ten d6 oracles and big d20 table.

As a Word document these all fitted on a single double sided sheet. As I have been looking at GM Screens recently I also set these up as screen panels. Screen panels need a much later font because you are going to view them from further away. I also spaced out the tables to make them easier to read. Those two pages soon became four panels that can be used as GM screen inserts.

I don’t use any of the actual content from the Star Trek Adventures, I don’t even use the name Star Trek, so I believe that these could can be sold on DTRPG without a problem.

My patrons have asked for other 2d20 solo rules, so rather than putting these out as a standalone solo set, I may sit on them until I had done the others.

It seems a bit mercenary to sell a Star Trek set using oracles that work like the 2d20 system, then a John Carter set, then a Conan set, and then a Mutant Chronicles. All of them would essentially be a rebranding of the same thing. It seems much fairer to create a single book that covers them all and has enough original content to justify its cover price.

When I decide what I am going to do with this solo rules, I will let you know and share some screenshots.

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  1. Peter… the link for the landscape digital and printed are the same URL and send to DTRPG for the printed version. Can I have the landscape digital URL? Thanks


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