Cut Up Solo – 1001 Nights – Done

The Cut Up book that I was working with over the weekend was put on DriveThruRPG, Lulu, and my webstore today. Tomorrow should see it live on Amazon. There may not seem anything unusual about that, except that this is the first Cut Up book to go into print.

As a physical book, the vast majority of it is the images. The images take up about 80 pages, but you can flick though the pages and get a ‘random’ image.

That is not the only thing that is new this time. What I have done is take all of the images and put them in a separate zip file.

When I made the Troika card deck, I had two people ask about getting the individual images.

For one it getting the cards delivered to Canada was simply ridiculous, about $50-$70 just for shipping.

The second wanted to upload the individual cards to a dice roller that would deal cards on demand. This was not something I had ever considered but seemed like a really good idea.

With that in mind, I have put this zip file with all the images in with the cut up book, and the spreadsheets.

When I was creating the print files for this book I set it up so that the same template can be used again and again.

There is no reason not to roll all the cut up books out as physical books. Why shouldn’t soloist have nice new books?


On Friday, I started my adventure into Patreon. I set it up over the weekend, learned how to set up the tiers and refined what I wanted to offer.

This morning I got the email to say that my page had passed review and I was ready to go.

All that remained was to make my first public and private posts.

Of course nothing is that simple.

Patreon has a branding pack. It contains the logos that we are allowed to use. Of course, there is no round icon, that would fit in with my other social icons. These things are sent to try us.

Of the available icons and logos I think the coral is the most striking. One has to either go subtle and understated or big and bold. I chose big and bold.

I am hoping that this is the start of a new adventures.

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