Super Fun Week

As you all probably know, I am working on a booklet for Dungeon Crawl Classics. I have a self imposed deadline of about 50 days, during which I would like to get the mechanics sorted, playtest, write the booklet, send it to Goodman Games, get approval, Finish the layout with their compatibility logo, submit the print files, and get a proof copy that is good to launch.

The reason for the deadline is that Dungeon Con is a join Dungeon Masters Guild/Goodman Games con starting on May 28th. It would be really nice to get this out ready for the con. 2 weeks of the 50 day budget is for the receiving the proof copy through the mail. I can launch with PDF only, so that bit is very flexible.

I have released a new solo book every week for more than a year. I am not going to get this book out in next four days, so if I don’t want to break my run I need something else…

A funny thing happened on the way to the Forum

It was not my plan to spend my weekend playing around with DCC. I was supposed to be having a play with Coriolis. This was going to give me a break from all the Cthulhu I have been consuming lately. So, putting aside Coriolis for DCC, who should I find at the top of page 29, old tentacle face himself, Mr. Cthulhu!

One of the things I like about Coriolis is its non-European culture. To make spice up my planned game I had intended to ‘cut up’ A thousand Nights and a Night, or 1001 Nights as it is more commonly known.

The Thousand Nights and a Night is a series in 17 volumes running to over about 1.6Million words. It is way more than anyone needs just for a game. I took the first half dozen volumes, about 485 nights and used that as my source text.

I haven’t released a Cut Up book since February, so I am going to put this out on Monday, and that will satisfy my OCD brain!

A Final Kick

We have a local word here ‘withering’. Where I grew up withering meant to shrink back, as in a withering stare making people quail in fear. That is not the word I mean. Here, Withering is a bit like Dithering, not being undecided, whether to or whether not to do something.

I have been ‘withering’ about starting a Patreon for the last six to eight months.

In the past I have been asked about solo rules for A Song of Ice And Fire (Game of Thrones), Alien and Judge Dredd, just to name three that spring to mind. I cannot write for these, and when I did the GURPs rules, I had to name it SURPs and was prohibited from using GURPS in the book or product description.

The idea behind the Patreon would be that I could create rules supplements for these games, and store them in a shared folder. They would not be for sale, they would be for yours and my personal use. I could create the PDF version, and prepare print ready PDFs and Cover files, so you can take them along to a local printer and get a physical book made at cost. Lulu has a service where you can upload the files and order personal copies.

This week I finally got the kick up the arse that I needed, and have opened a Patreon account. The profile page is mostly done. I now realise that I have no real idea how Patreon works. This is something else I need to learn over the weekend.

It really wouldn’t do to get bored would it? (That is a joke, I don’t think I have ever been bored in my entire life. I suspect that my wife is very tolerant!)

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