DCC & Dungeon Con

I saw an email last night that said Dungeon Masters Guild and Goodman Games are joining forces to run Dungeon Con Online. The dates are May 28th – 31st.

That gives me 50 days to get my DCC solo rules working, and submit them to Goodman Games for approval. I should be able to do the writing in that time, easily. The question is, how fast will the approval process run? I don’t know any publisher that has gone through this, and there is also the complication of will it be all hands on deck to organise the con at Goodman Games?

So far I am still in the reading and not taking stage. I know that it was been requested that I use an icon based oracle, so I don’t have to develop that part.

The closed question, the yes – no oracle is looking like it is going to be based on the skill system

The skill system has the following break points, DC5 dead easy, DC10 mans task, DC15 daring do and DC20 heroic.

In my head, I see that as

D20 Answer
1-4 Definite No
5-9 No
10-14 Yes
15-19 Extreme Yes
20 Surprise!

The Surprise result will be something that shakes up your current scene.

The icon wheels in the Stars Without Number solo supplement represented one big generic set of Sci Fi friendly icons. What I would like to do this time is give you that range of icons, but also sets of very specific icons. I was doing a bit of research this afternoon and came up with a set of trap specific icons.

Some of these I would probably want to cut out, there are several bear trap-style traps here, and several spikes, and nets, etc. A pruned-down array of unique trap icons would be a useful addition. The key would be to decide when to take the icons literally, and when to use a more lateral approach. Is that chest with teeth really a mimic, or is it just a chest that could ‘come back to bite you’ as in, having consequences?

Anyway, I am quite taken with the idea of curating lists of icons.

DCC First Impressions

I didn’t really know what to expect with DCC before I started reading it. Or, I had expected the Classics part of the name to imply that it was another 0D&D clone.

I am so very wrong. I think I really got what DCC was all about when I got to the Fighter class and Deeds of Might. I confess that the D&D style hit point grind has never appealed to me. If I play anything D&D-esque I much prefer levels 2-5, and then start to lose interest rapidly after that.

Deeds of Might are much more narrative and descriptive, and add a lot of a fight scene.

I have made a cohort of 0th level peasants this afternoon, and they are a sorry bunch. One elf and three humans.

I now just need to read enough of the rules to put together a 0th level first adventure.

I have a clear day to day and tomorrow to really get into this.

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