Delta Green?

Coughka asked for a solo book for Delta Green. So, I went looking for the rules. Funnily enough it turns out I already have Delta Green: Need To Know.

I said I would take a look and see if this was possible, and it turns out that Delta Green is OGL and derived from Legend. So far, so good.

For me it is about 10pm now, and I really shouldn’t be starting to read a rulebook at this time…but you know how these things happen.

I am curious to know how this is going to sit alongside Apocthulhu. Both are very contemporary, Cthulhu, and have Legend at their core. Mechanically I expect them to be very similar. What I am going to be looking for is what makes Delta Green uniquely Delta Green.

last year, in July I challenged myself to do a Lovecraft Challenge, I played and wrote for Dark Streets & Darker Secrets, Eldritch Tales, and I wrote Monophonia for the Miskatonic Respository.

It feels like I am doing that again but with Apocthulhu, Delta Green and who knows what will be next?

I am busy the rest of this week, I am playing with my regular group tomorrow afternoon (Rolemaster in Shadow World over Fantasy Grounds), and Dungeon World on Friday night (solo arabian nights/alibaba style adventure).

Saturday, Mrs R and I tend to spend with the the dogs, horses and around the croft. Sunday I use for long term projects. That means that if I get these rules read over the weekend, next week I can try and put something together.

Not that I am competitive or anything, but I do enjoy putting myself under pressure!

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