Troika! Test

When the temperature feels like -3°c and you have 61km/h (about 40mph) winds, you don’t feel like going out much.

We took the dogs for a walk earlier and they were being blown sideways! They were not super impressed.

Today is a day for sitting in and playing a game, and for me it was a little bit more Troika! using these cards.

I have to say that it works well. The core solo system by Karl Hendricks is tried and tested, so that is no surprise. That I am enjoying is the physical aspect of the deck.

I am also finding that I am using many more of the word prompts than I expected. I don’t know all of the available background, there are 36 in the book and publishers like Azukail Games publish more almost weekly.

Using just the prompt I can improvise a background without having to worry too much about the rules. I can come up with suitable advanced skills as I need them.

I don’t think I need to tweet anything now, which makes these cards too to go tomorrow.

And Now For something Completely Different

Last week a few developers and I were talking about d100 and d100 lite systems. I discovered that in the New Year/New Game sale I had bought Apocthulhu.

If I normally want to do anything d100 I tend to use Rolemaster for fantasy and HARP SF for science fiction. If it is a one off I tend towards The Lore System.

I like the Lore System because it allows me to world build on the fly, it is almost designed to drip feed you nuggets of setting background as you play. It is an interesting system and I recommend you check it out.

Apocthulhu is the first game, I believe, that uses the BRP SRD that I have read. I have played RuneQuest back in the day, and CoC last year I ran a campaign.

I am tempted to play a bit of Apoc as a bit of a palate cleanser after the strangeness of Troika! I am 99% certain that my Monophobia rules should work with very little changes, just the 1920s setting specific stuff.

So that us what I am going to be playing this week.

2 thoughts on “Troika! Test”

  1. Hi Peter,

    Great that you’ve bumped into our APOCTHULHU RPG — if you do decide to give it a bit of a spin, it’d be great to hear how it worked out for you. Post-Apocalyptic Lovecraft stuff is a genre that hasn’t been explored much in other games, so we hope there’s something new there for people to explore.

    BTW, our game isn’t based on the Chaosium BRP SRD as you mentioned in your post. Instead it’s based on the OGL-released core rules found in two other RPGs: Arc Dream’s amazing standalone Delta Green RPG, and Mongoose’s Legend RPG. We looked at Chaosium’s SRD but decided that for various reasons it was preferable to base our rules off those other sources instead.

    Thanks again for your interest in APOCTHULHU!

    Dean (from Cthulhu Reborn)

    • Hi Dean,

      I will take Apocthulhu for a spin this week. I made a character last night just to have a play.

      I am liking what I have seen so far.



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