Busy Week!

Audio File from This Week’s Video

I love weeks like this. I am learning a new skill, this time creating cards, doing some layout, working with my playtesters, and moving my plans forward.

Since recording this video, I have fixed the issue with the graphics in the stars without number proof. Approved The Sticky GM for global distribution and redesigned the cards, so they no longer look like the ones in the video.

Then, this afternoon Lightning Source, responded to a support ticket I raised about not getting my account approved.

Not only did I get approved but I also managed to get in under Ingram, rather than Lightning Source. The difference is that Ingram has print and distribution in the UK, USA as well as Germany and France. All publishers have discovered how bad BREXIT is turning out for exporting into Europe.

All in all, not a bad day!

4 thoughts on “Busy Week!”

  1. Thank you for the audio file, I appreciate it. 🙂

    An unrelated question : if I bought the SWN Solo printed version from Amazon, is there a possibility to get the PDF too? Thanks!

    • I am restricted from publishing digital files that are already on DTRPG on other sites, except my own.
      Later in 2021 I will be becoming a non-exclusive publisher, and then I can put everything everywhere.

      Until that time, I am limited to putting print versions on all the sites.

      I see this as growing pains, but I will get through it.

      • Wow, I just got my free copy on DTRPG. Amazing service! I did not even give you a proof of purchase, but I can assure you I was being honest! I’ll definitely buy more from you when more POD are ready!

        On that note : do you know Technoir? I think it would be very well suited to a solo ruleset : there is already two different “matrices” built into the rules meant to create story (a transmission, and the plot chart that develops through the PC hitting their contacts, if I remember correctly). If you have a bit of time and an interest for the noir/detective/cyberpunk genre, I think it would be worth your time.

        Thanks again!

        • No, I am not familiar with Technoir, I will add it to my reading list.

          You are welcome to the pdf. If you had bought it on DTRPG the pdf would have been free, so it would have been a bit mean to charge you for it!


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