Wicked One Update #4

At least I think this is the fourth update.

After being massively stalled trying to build all those lists, I have put them aside for now, and carried on the with important part, the writing.

This week I have covered Compels, Dark Hearts, Stress, Going Feral, Dark Bargains, flashbacks and Clocks. Most of these do not need any changes or adaptations for solo play. What I am writing is more about how to use these features when there is no one else to bounce the ideas off of. If there is no GM to compel you, when can you make a dark bargain, and so on.

Solo games can become quite linear. If you are on a raid, you probably want that raid to proceed roughly as you intended. Sure stuff will happen, that is the point of playing, but you may not instinctively want to throw the raid away because resisting a compel sapped the last of your stress and you went feral.

Clocks and solo games work perfectly together. They area such a simple way of keeping track of an almost unlimited number of forces acting ‘off screen’.

I am not saying you need to have loads of clocks running, but they are really useful to emulate that bit of a GM that never forgets. Clocks don’t forget, and a nice consequence is to run down a lock in an instant. Something that you thought was going to come home to roost suddenly lands in your lap and you have to deal with it.

So not I am working through about a section a day. For me this means that the project feels like it is definitely moving forward and making progress.

I am tied up all day tomorrow, which is why I am doing this update today. Going forward I am hoping to do at least one update a week. I know people are waiting on this rulebook. I hope regular progress reports will show how the book is going, rather than weeks of silence. No one likes that.

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  1. Really looking forward to this one. I have been messing around with doing a solo game of this and wondering how it is going to work with being limited to just one minion group.


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