Death of Saddle Stitch

This is today’s video Designer Diary. It seemed to strike a chord as on Monday I had ordered the proof copy of my Stars Without Number book, and then a few hours later received the notification of the end of saddle stitch bindings.

Adriel at DTRPG was perfectly helpful, the order cancelled and the new files updated and re-uploaded. I am jsut waiting for premedia and then I can order the perfect bound proof.

I had plans to create 50 saddle stitch booklets in the next 15 months. I should be glad that this happened before I ordered all those proofs, just to have to rework them all.

This also tied in with my moves to become independently connected with Lightning Source.

My only reservation is that I am already mostly dependent on DTRPG for my income, they are dependent on LS for POD, so me then tying myself to LS is just putting more eggs in the same basket.

On the other hand, there is no reason not to also list the POD versions on Lulu, that will give me a second supplier for my own site, and a new storefront. When I do go non-exclusive I will be in a position to roll out the PDF versions on the LS distribution network and Lulu.

So, I am seeing this not as all my eggs in one basket, but as a stepping stone to greater resilience.

I am perfectly prepared to admit that the thought of having access to a potential 39,000 outlets is very tempting. Even if only 1% had an interest in RPGs I would be happy, 390 new storefronts would be very nice indeed.

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