Wheels within wheels…

I think it was Douglas Adams used coined the phrase “Everything is connected”. I like getting the maximum benefit from any single effort. In this video I used a blog post on High Level Games, to promote some of my own supplements and games, and got paid for writing it. The article included affiliate links, so I earned a little affiliate income and I made money on selling the books themselves. The author bio included a link to my DriveThru storefront, and that held out a chance for people to discover my entire catalogue.

I like the idea of being paid to advertise my own work. The other supplements I talked about in the article did show off a wide range of different systems, all of what were solo playable.

In the same way, being featured in the Forged in the Dark Bundle of Holding, has boosted my DriveThru mailing list by over 500 contacts. The solo rules I am working on right now is also Forged in the Dark, there is a strong chance that they may well be interested in Wicked Ones, or Wickedly Solo as I think the booklet will be called.

My DriveThru mailing list has been built up over the years from all sorts of different sources. This means that it is not very focused. Some people are on the list because they bought into my very early system neutral stuff, others because of my 3Deep d6 system, many more are into my solo stuff.

The consequence of that is that whatever I release and tell the world about, it does not engage with everyone on the list.

The newsletter on this site is much newer. It is almost exclusively made up with people who know me for my solo play stuff. When I tell people about a new solo supplement there is a much greater chance of them being interested.

That difference is quite marked in the take up of discounts and sales of new books.

The numbers may look small on the video, but they vary widely from title to title. I only highlight discounts given out in the past three weeks or so, because the subscriber base was largely similar across all of them over such a short period.

I have send out announcements and made 40 or more sales straight off the mailing. It helps if it is a really popular game to start with. I think the best to date was probably the Cepheus Engine solo booklet.

There is more in the video, including some hard facts and figures.

Hope you enjoy it.

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