Year-End Crunch

I am working on a fist full of stuff for the end of the year. Some of the projects are still under wraps but two are approaching completion. The first will go on sale on Monday, as my usual new release.

Cut Up Solo – Dracula

It was one of three irresistible titles to do cut up versions of. The three are the Conan text, done, Dracula, ready to go. The third title will be The Case of Charles Dexter Ward. I simply could not do these without a Lovecraft story.

Bram Stoker’s Dracula is the classic vampire story. Vampires are also a classic source for Roleplaying. The two go hand in hand.

This supplement is very similar to the Conan one, the changes are subtle. The included yes-no oracle is 2d10. I made that change because the most popular vampire games are d10 dice pools. This just makes it a little less alien if you want to use this with that vampire game.

There is a sample of playing with solo using the Dracula snippets, and the snippets themselves.

The spreadsheets bundled with the PDF are big beasts. Conan/Hour of the Dragon offered just under 17,000 cut ups. Dracula gives you over 37,000 snippets!

This short example of play gives a feel for what you will get.


I have been working on a solo supplement for Warlock!, by Fire Ruby Designs. If you don’t know this game, it is in the same vein as Fighting Fantasy books. Your character gets Stamina and Luck stats and a Career. When you get your career you get a basket of skills.

Mechanics are simple, roll d20+skill. Roll over 20 for success.

Solo rules for Warlock! were requested by someone who I chat to on Discord. It is not a game I knew beforehand. This meant that I had to learn the game and play to refine these solo rules. They were penciled in to be released this week but they were not quite ready, so I needed to push the book back a bit.

If you know Warlock, you will probably know that Warpstar uses exactly the same game engine. The book will work for both games.

More details to come….

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