Delving further into Cut-Up

This kind of follows on from yesterday’s blog post.

I am getting more comfortable with the cut-up method. I continued my game today, but I was starved of time, and we were playing online this evening. That meant that all my creative oomph when into the online game, and not spilled out onto the page.

I have five projects in progress at the moment, some big, some small.

Number 6 is going to be a cut-up method solo book based upon a Conan source, with a d20 oracle for filling in the blanks. I think I have most of the physical stuff I need. What I need to build is my experience. I need to make mistakes and hit dead ends, so I can share my learning experience with other new soloists.

The only flaw, or should I say weakness, is the availability of more contemporary texts. I can draw on a huge volume of public domain texts up until the start of the 20th century, but much less since then.

Does anyone know of a source of public domain modern day and sci fi writings? Feedbooks is the best I have found so far, but I cannot believe that the entire web just has one site to offer up.

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  1. Hi Peter,

    Project Gutenberg has a lot of them. There are a couple of places that have text files for many works, though I don’t know about their legality. I always figure I can buy the book on Kindle if I want to be ethical about it.

    This one is one I’ve used so that I don’t have to scan a dead tree bo


    I own all of the books I cut up, so I figured it’s fair.


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