#inktober Day 16 Trees and Bulky Prey Icons

Today’s drawing lesson was trees. I created two trees, one is a Mark Kistler tree, the other was more cartoonish. I quite liked the end result of the soft pencil tree.

Today, I am going to try and draw a variation of the Bulk and Prey key words.

I am looking at Mr Bulky here and seeing a big ellipse around the arms. I think there are probably about 10 ellipses just above the waist. The feet are triangles, the legs are probably squares, and body is a something else, not sure what.

The way I am doing this is writing about it now. In a minute I will start drawing and upload it. I haven’t drawn this yet. It is as close to ‘live’ as I am going to get.

The next keyword was Prey. I picked an more predatory icon, because I can.

I tried to draw the predator claws without looking at the game icon. It didn’t quite work, did it?

(Both game icons here were created by Lorc, at game-icons.net)

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