ICONS is Weird

But not in a bad way.

I am just reading the rules now and hope to make a character this evening.

I picked up ICONS as a pandemic giveaway back in March. My supers roleplaying has been limited to Champions and before that Superhero 2044.

My first impression of ICONS is the lengths the designers have gone to drench the game in supers flavour. You don’t get combat rounds or segments, here you get panels. In a panel you get to perform one action, when everyone has had their panel, that is a page. Pages are organised into chapters, which is what I would consider a scene in solo play.

Setting up chapters is going to be great fun.

ICONS uses 10 relative power levels that are very reminiscent of FUDGE adjectives, right down to the asymmetric design, where average is not in the middle, it is only a third of the way up the scale.

Changing some of the language from FUDGE to ICONS and scenes, turns and rounds to chapters, pages and panels should let me at least get started playing this tomorrow night.

In Other News

One of the first sets of solo rules I was invited to create was for Sagas of Midgard. From the same designers, Drinking Horn Games, is a new game Terrors & Tommyguns.


I am going to watch this kickstarter with close interest.

2 thoughts on “ICONS is Weird”

    • Yes, both are listed in the OGL, but I am seeing much more FUDGE than FATE.

      I am working from ICONS Assembled. I don’t know about previous editions.


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