I have a name!

If you are on my contact list you will have seen the announcement that Operation Solo Endeavor is live.

It took a while but I eventually settled on a name that I liked. OSE sounds a bit like SOE, the Special Operations Executive but Solo Operations Executive sounded a bit weird.

The book features the art of Ken Miller. This was all put online by Myra Miller, under a free licence, no attribution required. I think that is a a bit of a pity, the art is wonderful and deserves credit.

You will have seen some of these this week attached to my blogs. I have put more below, just because I really like them.

Take a look at this (on Amazon) https://www.amazon.co.uk/Soldiers-Stories-Collection-WWII-Memoirs/dp/0998731846

This now brings me to what to do next?

I was aksed today for something for The Expanse, or AGE system, but those are not available to write for, so for now at least that is not an option.

I do have the green light on on two Supers games. I asked Hero Games about solo rules for Champions/Hero System. The Hall of Champions forbids rules supplements, but I asked nicely, and they said yes.

I also asked Steve Kenson at Ad Infinitum about ICONS and with some too and forth, I have Steve’s blessing for an ICONS solo book as well.

Do I want to do back to back Supers games? Maybe not back to back. For some reason I always want to play Champions around Christmas, so that would be a good time to release my Champions rules.

I also want to do Solar Blades & Cosmic Spells. Diogo Nogueira is really cool and supportive of other creators. I really enjoyed doing Dark Streets & Darker Secrets.

Then don’t get me started on all the D&D variants that need some love. There is a guy on the Troll Lord Games discord that is a fan of Dungeon Crawl Classics for oneshot games. I love oneshots, so if I was to do something swords and wizardly then DCC could be a contender.

This is of course, a nice problem to have. I will commit now to writing for ICONS. After that, I will see what I want, maybe it is time to go with some thing a bit crunchier in the rules for a change.

Is there anything that you would like me to write for?

2 thoughts on “I have a name!”

    • The Cepheus Engine solo rules are just called ‘Solo’ and they are 153 pages of PDF.
      I haven’t played them, because when PDFs get over about 50 pages they become unwieldy.
      I can see how a lighter version could fit into that market. People who like crunch and hundreds of tables would be happier with ‘Solo’ than anything I created.


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