Cross Solo Pollination

I was making tomorrow’s video today, because I have an eye test in the morning, but didn’t want to break the regular Wednesday video sharing.

The video was about solo role-playing using fantasy grounds. Keep that in mind. Last night and this afternoon I was playing an SAS Operative in occupied France, 1942.

I have had my character holed up in woods, making contacts with resistance maquis, blowing up bridges and that is the just the start.

This morning I was trying to play a second level fighter trying to buy a sword from a blacksmith. That cannot be difficult can it?

Well, before you know it my fighter is surrounded by medieval gestapo, informers and secret police. It was the sort of crossover I wasn’t planning but I have come to the conclusion that my poor little brain can only cope with one genre at once.

I am not a huge 5e D&D fan. I do solo play it at times, mainly to play through classic modules. I am less keen on sandbox adventures.

Mechanically, WWII Operation Whitebox is not far from 5e. It is 0D&D under the hood. The difference is, I think, that OpWB is tightly focused. An OpWB Grunt is a D&D Fighter, but the grunt will never have 150 hit points and be able to slay armies on their own.

The lower level offering is simply more in keeping with how dangerous this theatre of war.

The fact that this game is bleeding into my other play says a lot for it. I have bought games in the past that were instantly forgettable or if memorable, for all the wrong reasons. This game is certainly not one of those!

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