A day of Playtime

Do you know those days where you are on the go all day, but achieve next to nothing. Today was one of those.

The image on the left may look like a set of solo rules for Index Card RPG, but it isn’t. That is a wasted half an hour using one of those really clever product mock up websites and a screenshot from Microsoft Word.

The naming Trial of One, or more accurately it has since been renamed Trials for One, comes from the trials in the Index Card RPG Core. Hankerin saying in the text to play them, solo, but doesn’t give any rules. I am building those missing rules.

But I am building them slowly. My handwriting is so bad that I cannot really show you any of the rules so far.

You will notice from the cover mockup that the genre is sci fi. The rules are completey setting and genre neutral, but the CORE gives us two settings, fantasy and sci fi, so I chose sci fi. If you like fantasy, do let this put you off.

If you look at a Crystal Worm, they make just as good an alien as they do fantasy monster, and don’t get me started on the Child of Azatoth, you cannot tell me that they don’t come from beyond the stars!

This is really a long post to say that I haven’t really made much progress today. I have killed a few characters, which is not ideal, muched about with some art, and made a few tables.

Still nothing worth showing. I hope to have more for you next week.

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