#RPGaDAY2020 Day 29 Ride

I am playing in a campaign, in theory at least, which has a lot of over land travel. Yhis isn’t a hex crawl, we are going between cities but heading away from the more settled regions.

The GM wants us to explore his world. A couple of the other players are of the “wake me up when it is time to hit something” variety.

On top of this, the GM has house rules that say that we can only learn new skills and spells in guilds. Which of course we are riding away from.

Another “complication” is that this GM has a reputation as a horse killer.

If your players are not enjoying the long ride, should you be doing it? My take is that the GM would probably be having more fun if all his players were on the same page.

I have played with this GM before, and knew what to expect. The important thing is to not leave anything important on your horse. As to the campaign, I am sure it will be fine. Our GM is trying to impress upon us the size and scope of his world. Once we are out of civilisation, he will kill the horses and make us walk, then start throwing just about everything at us.

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