#RPGaDAY2020 Day 18 Meet

Day 8 Shade.

In the grand scheme of things, Meet is not really the watchword for 2020. I think it more a case of wishing we could all meet up safely.

Today, I had a call from one of my players wanting to know if we were all going to try and meet up in November. I really have no appetite for it. We have what today we are calling our ‘bubble’ of friends. Each of the players in my group will have their own bubble. One is a driving instructor, one a police officer, and another works for a major DIY store. I have had pneumonia, it isn’t nice, it nearly killed me. I don’t want to go there again.

November seems like a long way away, but then back in March, everyone seemed to think that this will be all over in a matter of weeks.

One a brighter note. Where I live there is virtually no gaming. The island has a population of 20k, and it is pretty spread out and rural. On the mainland, when I do head south, I do tend to stop over in Edinburgh. I know there are some pretty cool gamers in Edinburgh. I know because I have seen them in livestreams. When the pandemic is over, or there is a vaccine or we all have a herd immunity. I would really like to meet up with some of the gamers I have see in the streams. It would seem like a missed opportunity to be regularly passing through and never taking the opportunity to meet. Maybe even run a oneshot for some new players, who knows.

So for me, meeting gamers is simply something I have no plans to do, not in 2020 and I have no idea what 2021 will throw at us.

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