#RPGaDAY2020 Day 17 Comfort

Day 8 Shade.

I am going to cheat a little and extend Comfort into Comfort Zone.

Firstly, that is one of the cool things about solo play, you are setting your own limits and boundaries. If you want to step outside your own comfort zone, you can stop and walk away at any moment.

If you want stay doing what you love, because you love it, no one is going to force you into doing some more ‘edgy’ or dark, just because everything seems to be going in that direction right now. (I blame netflix, but that is a different post.)

The other side to a soloists comfort zone is the tools that they use.

A lot of people swear by Mythic. I never got on with it, but I can see the appeal. You learn one solo system and then use it for everything. There are even online versions so you don’t even need to do the dice rolling and lookups. From Mythic there are a whole host of derived variations.

I released a book of solo rules for Call of Cthulhu today. It is called Monophobia. It is available on DriveThruRPG. It is not the only set of solo rules for CoC, but both sets of rules use the basic oracles described in Mythic. The difference is that I use them as a back up option. The main open question tools are diceless and tableless. The solo ruleset is designed to be as light a touch as possible and to get out of the way of the horror investigation.

Why did I go with something so light weight? Two reasons really. The first is that rules light *is* my comfort zone. That is what I like, that is how I play. The second reason is that the other popular solo system for Call of Cthulhu is Paul Bimler’s Solo Investigator’s Handbook. The handbook is an excellent solo system, but it is a bit of a monster. It is a 95 page PDF (no print book) full of tables for nearly every situation. It must have taken months to put together, but it is not my style. It gets too involved and it slows down my playing too much. That is not the fault of the book. The problem lies with me, I just don’t think that way. That book falls outside my comfort zone, so I choose not to use it. Both books are in the Miskatonic Repository, and if you love that level of detail I urge you to check it out. If you prefer that light touch, minimalist, less roll and more role, that is what I have tried to achieve with Monophobia.

This link gives you a 40% discount, which I always try and give my blog readers. – Monophobia

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