A Lonely Knave – Knave Solo Rules

Today, I have released A Lonely Knave. This is a single sheet, two sides, with everything you need to play condensed into a printer-friendly page.

The rules are normally $1.50. I picked that price because Ben Milton’s adventure for Knave, “The Alchemists Repose” is also priced at $1.50.

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The main Knave rules are $2.99 so for under $6 you get a mithril best selling game, adventure and solo rules, making a complete package.

The game maintains close compatibility with other OSR games, so you can use your standard Monster Manuals or bestiary books or spell books. It is always nice to be able to reuse what you already have.

If you have joined my contact list, then there should be a discount code in your inbox in the next few minutes. The discount this time amounts to a whopping 60¢, which seems a bit pathetic.

I have been blogging a bit recently about getting started in writing for RPGs. At the moment I am mainly writing about sourcing art for games supplements but the next thing I am going to talk about is the pricing. I will touch on this a bit in the next post.

If you missed those posts they started here, http://www.ppmgames.co.uk/2020/06/12/anyone-can-write-for-rpgs/

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