Crusaders Solo Handbook (Castles & Crusades Compatible)

Castles & Crusades Crusaders Solo Handbook Cover

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I am really pleased with this book. There is a lot of emphasis on playing published adventures. All solo games lend themselves to sandbox style adventures of unlimited scopre, but all of the games in the D&D/AD&D/DCC etc. lend themselves to playing modules.

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I think this is part of the shared cultural background between the players. How did you solve this problem? Did you die there as well? And so on.

To make that happen I put a lot of extra material on how to survive modules aimed at 3-6 players, when there is only you.

This is the first outing of my Narrative Combat rules. Narrative combat does away with the repetitions of rolling to hit and rolling damage when fighting minor skirmishes. We all know that you are supposed to win against two kobolds, in a first encounter. These minor fights are there to either warn you of what you are facing, foreshadow a greater threat or use up some of your resources. All of that can still happen but narrative combat but in a neater package that speeds your games along.

If there was one thing that really makes this supplement stand out and I think should be adopted into all level based games it is my condensed rules for these minor fights.

You can get the Crusaders Solo Handbook here.

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