Trophy Solo Rules

Up until Saturday, the game Trophy had slipped past without me noticing. It was released as an article in Codex Dark 2 ($7 on DTRPG) and expanded upon in Codex Gold ($9 on DTRPG).

Trophy RPG is a collaborative storytelling game designed for single sessions. It is dark themed and designed to create a sort of dark death spiral of treachery.

So I was completely unaware of this game until Friday. Then my name got dropped on Twitter in a discussion of playing Trophy Solo. I hate saying ‘No’, but in this case as I had never read the game, played the game or had any experience of the game the logical thing would have been to say ‘No, sorry’.

Instead, I junked my entire weekend (not really a major problem in these lockdown times) and devoted it to Trophy RPG.

Tough Times for Indie Developers

I have seen a lot of games publishers giving away free copies of games during the pandemic. Others are heavily discounting. There are a lot of indie developers who by day work low paid jobs. These are people who since the start of the pandemic have not been able to work and are surviving of the small income from their games. With the big guns in the industry throwing games out for free that makes life really difficult or impossible for the indie developer.

To that end I wasn’t going to give away anything or to discount.

Trophy, on the other hand has changed my mind in this one instance. The rules below are free but please buy the game. In buying the game you are helping people get through the pandemic. This is a situation that you know you will play the game because here are the solo rules.


Take them, have fun and enjoy dying in the woods. You know you want to.

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