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3Deep Role Playing Game

Episodic, Story Arc Roleplaying

3Deep 2nd Edition is a d6 based tabletop role playing game designed to let you play in the style of TV series. It is genre and setting neutral so you can fight vampires in Sunnydale or play a team of mercenaries in the Los Angeles underground just as easily as training to be the last of the Jedi or a warrior princess. (more…)Buy Now on RPGNow.com





Theatre Of The Mind

Our Theatre of the mind encounters are short, system neutral adventures. To make the most of them you just need to read though the material, typically 10 to 12 pages of notes and insert stock NPCs from your preferred game, although 3Deep is an excellent choice! Each adventure can be parachuted into an existing campaign or can act as the starting point of a new sandbox adventure.

Translators wanted!

Could you translate an RPG into another language? Getting a normal translator to convert a role playing game is difficult. If you don’t understand how the game is played or what the intention is then conveying the meaning is so much harder. If you think you could help then… (more…)