3Deep 2nd Edition

3Deep 2nd Edition is all about simple, fast and light rules for roleplaying any genre. We call it ‘episodic’ role playing as the game was developed with trying to capture the favour of popular TV series in mind.

The basic mechanics are easy to grasp:

  • Characters have 5 stats rolled on 2d6.
  • Skills are rolled on 2d6 plus the skill level and a possible stat bonus. 8+ means success.
  • In combat light weapons do 1d6, medium 2d6 and heavy 3d6.
  • Damage is taken directly off the characters stats.
  • Magic and psionic effects are constructed by spending points to buy effects.

3Deep 2nd Edition is more interested in the characters background, loved ones and motivations than it is about equipment lists and encumberance.

3Deep 2nd Edition is a single volume role playing game with everything you need to play and run a 3Deep game. It is available as a printed rule book, PDF or both in a single bundle.