#inktober Day 6

I think today’s challenge was to draw a house. I started to watch the instructional video, and it was was day 12 of Mark Kistler’s series. I had only watched day’s one to five. So I thought, I will catch up and do the lessons in between. I didn’t have enough time to watch all … Read more

#inktober Day 5 Hollow Cubes

OK, so the tulips look more like sink plungers than flowers, but the open boxes look quite good. That could say more about my low bar of expectation than my artistic ability. The boxes on their sides are my favourites today. That felt like I was really drawing something, and I think I could repeat … Read more

#inktober Day 3 Apples & Balls

I am following two paths here. The balls are from Mark Kistler and the Apple from Marelisa Fabrega. My balls went a bit flat today, but I felt more confident making them. I can honestly say that I felt more confident making them. Not sure they are any better, but I felt better. The apple … Read more