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#inktober Day 6

I think today’s challenge was to draw a house. I started to watch the instructional video, and it was was day 12 of Mark Kistler’s series. I had only watched day’s one to five. So I thought, I will catch up and do the lessons in between. I didn’t have enough time to watch all seven. They are about 20 minutes a piece. I think I got to lesson 8.

The bear is the most ambitious thing I have ever attempted. His arm is a bit wonky and his legs are far from right, but he is cute.

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#inktober Day 3 Apples & Balls

I am following two paths here. The balls are from Mark Kistler and the Apple from Marelisa Fabrega.

My balls went a bit flat today, but I felt more confident making them. I can honestly say that I felt more confident making them. Not sure they are any better, but I felt better.

The apple is a different thing altogether. I was supposed to watch a 45 minute video on shading the apple, lighting an apple, taking photos of an apple, editing it in Photoshop and then finally drawing it.

It does actually look more applesque than I had imagined it was going to turn out. I am not sure the old masters need fear my artistic abilities just yet.

Three days down, twenty seven days to go.