#RPGaDAY2023 Day 7 The SMARTEST RPG I have played

I had to think about what smart meant in terms of RPGs. As I was thinking about Modern AGE and the AGE System for yesterday’s answer, I think I am going to pick the AGE system again.

My version of SMART in this instance is the stunt die. The basic game mechanic in the AGE system is that you have 3d6, one of which is a different size or color. This odd die is your Stunt Die. When you roll your 3d6, if any two make a double, then you value of the stunt die can be spent to get special effects.

There are many Stunt Tables, if you rolled a double on a skill check, you would use the most suitable Stunt table for the skill, if you rolled a double during combat you can use combat stunts.

Below is the Combat Stunt table. The player can pick any stunt that costs up to whatever the stunt die rolled during their attack.

If you stunt die rolled a 4, you could pick a 1 point stunt and a 3 point stunt, or two 2 point stunts, or a single 4 point stunt. You have to use your stunt points immediately, and you have to narrate how your character performs these stunts. So what you get is a narrative, descriptive combat, that is action packed and dynamic, all off of a single d6.

So, this is my Smart system.

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